Murdered women, Corrine, Alyssa and Geri, try to get their corpses found so their souls can be released to eternal rest. But their dysfunctional, drunken Detective is post breakdown and the victims must face the pain of their invisibility in their attempts to be discovered.

Short Synopsis

Three murdered women, Corrine, Alyssa and Geri, whose corpses have never been found, wait beside a fourth victim, Molly, hoping her discovery will bring new police presence. These lost souls aimlessly roam their murky purgatory, invisible to the living. They’re afraid to visit their past lives because that grief will break them apart, literally. Molly’s discovery brings Detective Laura Hannings to town. Laura seems to be a typically useless drunk having never fully recovered from an equally typical breakdown. But on closer inspection not everything is so typical about this Detective. Corrine leads the charge in trying to get through to Laura but it's Geri’s visit home and Geri’s emotional pain that is a key turning point. Geri’s corpse is discovered by the seemingly dysfunctional Detective. The murder victims realise that Laura can sense what they feel. Not only that the cause of her breakdown, Felix, a lost boy who Laura couldn’t find, emerges from the shadows. Whilst Alyssa sets out to go home, just like Geri did, Corrine struggles with Felix and her realisation that she must overcome fears of inadequacy and visit home. Can Corrine confront who she was in life so she can get found in death?


Writer / Director: Rachel Tillotson 

               Original idea by Rachel Tillotson

Winner of Tangerine Entertainment Fellowship 2021


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