SOMEWHERE OUT THERE is a dark comedy that satirizes how certain female stereotypes are represented on the screen. A feature treatment was completed with BFI development help in 2019.


It follows the stories of a handful of dead women who have been murdered. They lie in ditches, on wastelands and in cellars 'waiting' to be found. Most are scantily clad in lingerie.  Invisible to the living they ‘rise’ from their murder locations and, bored, they hang out with one another.


SOMEWHERE OUT THERE aims to challenge views about how certain types of women are acceptably voiceless and objectified on the screen. It satirizes these 'norms' to show how women are being mistreated. Detective LAURA HANNINGS is the only living person with the ability to intuit their existence. The dead woman believe contact with the living will ultimately be via Detective Hannings. Laura will be the ‘vessel’ if only she’d get her bloody act together.  The problem is Laura is nearly always caught up in her own neurosis. What is certain is that when Laura’s not taking her meds she’s actually able to tune into that 6th sense of hers – that feeling that victims are out there – calling to her. 

Rachel is hoping to collaborate with comedy talent.  Alice Lowe (SIGHTSEERS, PREVENGE) has shown interested and there's been interest from Jessica Hynes (SPACED, 2012) and interest from actresses attached Pippa Haywood (GREENWING), Olivia Poulet (IN THE LOOP) and Esther Hall (WAKING THE DEAD). and now as Rachel works on further developing this idea she is working on a short.


Writer / Director: Rachel Tillotson  


               Original idea by Rachel Tillotson


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