Social Drama

Winner of the Nick Dark Award for screenwriting CUB is a feature script about a young offender, Nathan, who covets the lives of happy families inside the suburban houses he burgles. One day he discovers the suicide of a young schoolboy in an upstairs bedroom.

Nathan flees the house but later discovers his accomplice Liam has accidentally taken the suicide note. 

Motived by his own demons Nathan returns, as a window cleaner, in an attempt to return the note secretively to the suburban house. On the patio he meets the grieving mother, CECILE, who he immediately feels for. Nathan yearns to belong and he is drawn into this household. Cecile needs him and she tries to replace her son. But nothing is as it seems.


Nathan uncovers this suburban home has a toxic dysfunction. He must escape it if he is going to survive.

Championed by the late Catherine Wearing

Written by Rachel Tillotson 

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